Educational Materials

We would like to offer educational materials and an educational version of the film to High School and College educators.

There are seven lesson plans for teachers, an accompanying Teacher’s Guide, and a Guide to Using the Curriculum. All lessons are stand-alone lessons.

Note: If you have one day to teach this topic, lesson one should be used.

— Lesson One: Introduction

— Lesson Two: Leadership

— Lesson Three: Collective Responsibility

— Lesson Four: Reparations: Justice and Forgiveness

— Lesson Five: German Post-War Nation Building

— Lesson Six: Israeli Post-War Nation Building

— Lesson Seven: Reparations and Halacha (For Students in Jewish School Settings)

All lessons are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

If you would like to receive the educational materials and/or educational version of the film, please click on the link below.